Captured on Camera by Suzanne Bolden

Captured on Camera (A Parker Photography Cozy Mystery #1)
By Suzanne Bolden
September 2020
★★★ 3 stars

Jackie, a well-known photographer, returns to her hometown to shoot a wedding. But when she stumbles across a car accident in town, her photography prowess will be used for more than just a wedding – it’ll be key in investigating the crime.

I liked the idea behind the plot and the characters, but I wasn’t a fan of how the book was executed.

The idea of a photographer using her own pictures to help solve a case was what first drew me to this book and I really liked seeing how this part of the book unfolded. I liked how Jackie used her street smarts and her eye for visual detail to help solve the mystery.

Also, the choice to have the main character be a big-city, well-travelled person who doesn’t have moving to a small town in her cards was refreshing. This is a character choice I rarely see in cozies and one I enjoyed. I’m always looking out for cozies that bring new twists to the genre and this definitely fits what I’m looking for.

However, I found the descriptions a bit too long-winded. It made the book drag in spite of its exciting plot potential. At times, it felt as if the characters were talking about something because it was a convenient way to introduce someone or something to the reader. I think it also led to some of the character voices being diminished, as some of them seemed quite similar in their personality and in the way that they spoke.

Maybe this is a sign that I’ve listened to too many true-crime podcasts, but one part of the mystery – or rather, something the mystery did – really frustrated me. It just seemed like an obvious thing to investigate that wasn’t, and never came up once in the book.

While I enjoyed reading this book, I don’t know if I will seek out future books in the series. ★★★ 3 stars


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