Blog & Life Updates: Or, Being a Real-Life Elle Woods?

I’ll be honest: I’ve not been posting as much to this blog as I have been over the past year. I’ve been sticking to discussion posts and not reviews, and I haven’t been as active in blog hopping as I used to be.

I wanted to write this quick post to give you a life update, and talk about how this is likely to impact the blog going forward. Don’t worry, I’ll still be around! I still plan to post, just in a different way.

In late August 2022, I started law school! I’lI feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to continue my education (again) and to be at the beginning of a professional career.

I’m happy to be here, but oh my goodness is law school busy! So many classes. So many readings. So many cases. So many social events that we’re supposed to network at. (What even is networking!?) So many cool extra-curricular activities to get involved in. So much going on.

From upper years to professors to student services, everyone at the school has emphasized the importance of wellness and not letting law school consume us. Which, is why I still have this blog active and why I’m still working on scheduling more discussion posts!

At the same time, I just won’t be able to do as much as I used to do, even in my undergrad. I won’t have the time to be reading as much, nor will I have as much time to be posting in general.

Like I mentioned earlier, I still plan on keeping this blog up and posting while I can. I’ll likely be moving to a one-post-a-week format (if not something more infrequent), posting whatever I feel like – whether it be discussions, reviews, or something in between. I’ll be scheduling these posts to make things easier on myself. Heck, even this post is scheduled 😉

Thank you so much for your support over the past year! To find so many awesome readers through the blogging community has been such a blessing, and I feel sad to have to step back from doing as much blog hopping and posting as I used to. But at the moment, I think doing that will help me with my time management. Fingers crossed my second and third years will be less crazy… please?

If anyone has been through grad school or law school while blogging, please let me know if you’ve got any tips and tricks. Any advice is very appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Blog & Life Updates: Or, Being a Real-Life Elle Woods?

  1. Krysta October 6, 2022 / 7:18 am

    Congratulations on starting law school! I do think it’s important to find time for yourself and to relax, which is easier said than done! But maybe giving yourself permission is key? I knew a bunch of people who were in grad school and they would routinely say they’d be going out with me, then they’d cancel last minute because “they were busy,” but then they would end up watching Netflix anyway. I think maybe just be honest with yourself that you need time to decompress and you are allowed to use that time to go out and see people and enjoy hobbies you like. Don’t pretend you’re going to work and then just…watch Netflix while stressing out that you should really be working? Unless you really enjoy Netflix, of course. But I think it’s healthy to see your friends, too!

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    • Mint October 6, 2022 / 10:04 pm

      Thank you for the reminder – I’m really bad at giving permission to myself, even though I know it’s important! Both for my own wellbeing, and for academic success. No one can do well if they’re super burnt out.

      I think for me, I’ve just been doing so much law school reading lately that I don’t feel like decompressing with other kinds of reading, no matter how fun they are 😦


  2. Carla October 26, 2022 / 4:11 am

    Wow, congratulations Mint. I totally understand how time consuming this would be, but yes it is important to take time out to do something you enjoy. I wish you all the best in your upcoming school endeavours.

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    • Mint October 26, 2022 / 5:41 pm

      Thank you so much Carla! Reducing stress when exams are looming is hard, but very necessary.

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