I’m Joining the 2022 Discussion Challenge!

OK: this is a little late considering it’s April, but I recently found out about this discussion challenge and wanted to jump in.

The 2022 Book Blog Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon from It Starts at Midnight. It encourages book bloggers to post more discussions and provides a place for people to link up.

Every month, there are new link-ups you can join, and monthly giveaways as well.

I’d like to get to the “Terrifically Talkative” level, which is 31-40 discussion posts.

I don’t know if I can actually reach this tier, especially because I’m joining later in the year, but we’ll see what happens! I try to post one discussion post a week, and there are 37 weeks left in the year, so 31 isn’t impossible but it would be a big goal!


Let’s Play Cozy Mystery Book Bingo!

My r/CozyMystery bingo card

If you’re looking to spice up your reading and to find new books and authors, I highly recommend trying a reading challenge! This one that I’m showing you today is exclusively for cozy mysteries. However, there are lots of different reading challenges out there – there’s truly something for everyone.

This is the 2021 Book Bingo challenge from /r/CozyMystery, a Reddit community dedicated to discussing cozy mystery novels. They also have a Discord channel! It’s a great place to chat about cozies with lots of lovely people. I highly recommend it.

The goal of this bingo challenge is to try and fill out as many squares on the card as you can. You can choose to follow either the normal prompt or the hard prompt. Every time you read a book that fits a prompt, you can fill out a square! You can get rewards on r/CozyMystery for filling out single lines and for filling out the entire board.

I like this challenge because the prompts encourage you to try new things, but they’re also flexible. There are numerous options that work for each square. I borrow most of my books from my local library or purchase them from sales online, so the flexibility is very much appreciated.

Have you done any reading challenges before? If so, which ones have you done? I’d love to hear more about them!